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Julien Enterprises

The New Rules of Money


Financial Education

Nationwide Expansion

2:00 PM EST

2:00 PM EST

Your Financial Freedom Starts Here!

What you will learn

Our mission is to help families earn more income, become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

We teach people how money works, because we believe a solid financial knowledge foundation is the key to making healthy money choices.

Our business opportunity puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your own financial future. You’ll have the freedom to create a life − and a business − on your own terms.

The more good you do in your community, the more your family can benefit.

Earn extra money part time
Pay down or reduce debts
Save for the future
Open an investment account
Protect your income
Become educated about your own personal finances.

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The potential for future growth is unlimited and we are committed to helping even more families and changing even more lives. Yet, we need more people like you − people who are as passionate about making a difference as we are, and who want to have their own business − in order to do the most good.

    Meet Mr. Julien

    Darrell Julien, Owner/Broker

    Darrell E. Julien, a broker in the financial industry, started as an student at Morgan State University, School of Engineering. After being introduced to the financial Industry by a family friend, Julien decided to switch gears. His passion became teaching people How Money Works and providing financial education so that the people of his community can achieve their goals without any financial limitations.


    Through the guidance of many mentors that have paved the way before him, Julien has since built a growing firm that spans over several states. He and his team of sharp agents continuously strive to serve the Middle Class of America that have long been neglected for many years.

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